Research Day 2017


On behalf of RSI Director, Dr. Angela Colantonio;

Dear Faculty, Staff and Students,

I wish to sincerely thank our amazing student leaders and all participants for an outstanding 2017 Research Day. I think you will agree that the day was stimulating and ran very smoothly. The oral and poster presentations were of great quality. We also had the benefit of some amazing speakers: Dr. Straus and Christine Elliott on topics of mentorship and the patient experience, which relate fundamentally to our ultimate mission. We are grateful for the inspiring opening remarks by Dr. Luc De Nil, a faculty member and Vice Dean of our SGS.

I wish to acknowledge the RSI Research Day Committee:

  • Roni Propp
  • Dina Brooks
  • Chen Xiong
  • Rena Park Helms
  • Dana Swarbrick
  • Diane Wiltshire
  • Gillian de Boer
  • Kristina Kokorelias
  • Amie Kron
  • Tyler Saumur

Further, the day would not be fully possible without all the support of our dedicated staff: Loida, Diane and Jessica.

I thank the faculty who participated in supporting students, who were poster judges and spoke in the afternoon session on disability.

I wish to recognize the members of the Faculty and Staff Development Committee:
Dr. Stella Ng, Dr. Gillian King, Dana Swarbrick and Luisa Garzon who adjudicated staff and faculty awards.

Overall I am grateful for all the faculty that mentor and support our students to be the best they can be in their work. Finally, thanks to all our sponsors who supported student awards.

At Research Day we welcomed the following new faculty members:

Drs. Sander Hitzig, Anne Hunt, Tracey Collella, Arlene Astelle, Brenda Mori, David Berbrayer, Ellen MacEachen and Sara Guilcher

We also officially launched our Strategic Plan for 2017-2020. Please see the following link:

We greatly appreciate all faculty that have forwarded their CVs and activity reports. Please send your reports in as soon as possible if you have not already. This information is vital for us to know so we may facilitate more opportunities for training, research and advancement. You will also be receiving a link for a survey on international activities next week which is important for future planning.

Angela Colantonio, PhD, OT. Reg. (Ont.)
Director, Rehabilitation Sciences Institute